Bulk Pay with USDC (Circle)

Bulk Token Sender is a tool that simplifies the process of transferring or airdropping tokens, particularly useful in situations like marketing campaigns, remittances, or for anyone needing to send tokens to multiple recipients efficiently. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to using Bulk Token Sender for bulk payments with USDC (Circle), with no account setup required.

  1. Visit Bulk Token Sender: Start by going to Transfer or Airdrop. This is your gateway to initiating bulk transactions without the need for creating an account.

  2. Select USDC (ERC20) Option: On the homepage, choose the option for USDC (ERC20) to ensure you are using the right token for your bulk payment.

  3. Prepare Your Recipient List: You need a list of recipient addresses. Make sure these addresses are accurate and correspond to wallets that can receive USDC (ERC20) tokens.

  4. Enter Recipient Details: On the Bulk Token Sender site, you will find a section to input the addresses of your recipients. Here, you can paste the list you prepared.

  5. Specify Amounts: For each recipient, specify the amount of USDC (ERC20) you wish to send. This step is crucial for ensuring the correct sums are sent to each individual.

  6. Connect Your Wallet: To proceed with the transaction, you will need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet. This is typically done through a wallet connect feature that supports various wallet types.

  7. Review and Confirm: Before finalizing, review all details of your bulk payment. This includes checking recipient addresses, amounts, and the total sum being sent.

  8. Execute the Transaction: Once everything is confirmed, execute the transaction. The Bulk Token Sender will process the payments simultaneously, sending the specified USDC amounts to each recipient.

  9. Transaction Confirmation: After the transaction is processed, you will receive a confirmation. It's advisable to keep a record of this for future reference.

  10. Follow Up: In some cases, especially if this is a marketing or remittance exercise, following up with recipients can be a good practice to confirm receipt and to enhance engagement.

Remember, using tools like Bulk Token Sender for Transfer or Airdrop can significantly streamline the process of distributing tokens, whether for business purposes, promotional campaigns, or personal use. Always ensure you are compliant with relevant regulations and laws when conducting such transactions.

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