How to send Multiple Polygon NFTs in one Transaction?

Bulk Token Sender is an innovative tool designed to streamline the process of transferring or airdropping multiple tokens, including NFTs, in a single transaction. This functionality is particularly useful for marketing or remittance practices, especially when aiming to gain exposure or distribute assets efficiently.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to send multiple Polygon NFTs in one transaction using Bulk Token Sender:

  1. Visit the Website: Start by navigating to Bulk Token Sender.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect your wallet that holds the Polygon NFTs. This is typically done through a wallet connect feature on the platform.

  3. Select the Polygon Network: Ensure you select the Polygon network since you are sending Polygon NFTs.

  4. Choose the NFTs to Send: Select the NFTs you wish to send. Bulk Token Sender allows for the selection of multiple NFTs in one go.

  5. Enter Recipient Addresses: Input the addresses of the recipients. These can be multiple addresses if you're sending NFTs to different individuals.

  6. Set Transaction Parameters: Adjust any necessary transaction parameters, such as gas fees, to ensure timely and efficient processing.

  7. Review and Confirm: Double-check all details, including the NFTs selected, recipient addresses, and transaction settings.

  8. Execute the Transaction: Once everything is confirmed, execute the transaction. Bulk Token Sender will process all the NFT transfers in a single blockchain transaction.

  9. Track the Transaction: You can track the transaction using a blockchain explorer to ensure all NFTs are successfully transferred.

  10. Receipt of Transfer: The recipients should receive their NFTs almost immediately after the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Using Bulk Token Sender for such transactions not only saves time but also potentially reduces transaction costs, making it a valuable tool for those handling multiple token transfers regularly.

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